This compact mechanical shear is ideal for lighter gauge materials.  It's capable of up to 42 stroke per minute and is available with manual or CNC back gauge and the option of sheet supports.

iShear A-series (pdf)




The rugged iCut B-series swing-beam  shear is capable of up to 25 strokes per minute and can operate at both  normal and high speeds.  A quality cut edge is achieved with a low  cutting angle.  The manual blade clearance adjustment allows the  operator to easily change the gap for different material thickness.  Our  shears come standard with a programmable back gauge with an automatic  swing-up feature for parts longer than 1,000mm to feed longer  sheets with ease.  Back gauge accuracy is achieved with a linear ball  shaft.  The B-series upper beam is a box construction, giving it a rigid frame with minimal deflection.

iShear B-series (pdf)




The iCut C-series  is a guillotine style shear suitable for heavy gauge cutting.  It’s  rugged body is comprised of a CNC machined frame which provides optimum  resistance and minimizes deflection.  The back-gauge is  programmable and has positioning tolerance and retract features.  Back  gauge accuracy is achieved with a linear ball shaft.   The C-series  automatically calculates the blade gap adjustment, cutting angle, back  gauge positioning and stroke according to the material thickness.   When  cutting shorter pieces the stroke is automatically reduced and the  shearing speed is adjusted. This helps to increase the blade life.  

iShear C-series (pdf)