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The Next 2.0 control of the A-series  is capable of operating up to 5 axis.  This versatile press brake is  ideal for both high production runs and single bends.  It comes standard  with manual crowning and Y1, Y2 and  X axis.  As all of our brakes, the  A-s is built to maintain it’s accuracy and repeatability over many years of bending.

iBend A-series (pdf)




The iBend B-series  was designed for both small and large production runs and quick set  ups.  It’s a fully automated press brake with Wila manual crowning, Y1,  Y2, and Unimec X axis.  Add the option of sheet followers and once the  operator enters the program the machine takes care of the set up.  The  B-series can easily be modified to work in tandem for high volume  environments.  In such a situation both brakes could be working  independently or in unison as one long bending surface.  

iBend B-series (pdf)



The  310mm stroke and 410mm throat  depth make this a versatile high speed, high performance machine.   Unlimited axis and tandem and trio combinations give virtually  limitless bending possibilities

iBend C-series (pdf)



MVD'S most versatile press features a 410mm stroke and 510mm throat depth.  It comes standard with an ESA S650 CNC control and unlimited axis.

iBend D-series (pdf)


About us

 In 1995 Monaghan Machinery was established as a service company. Customers were seeking advice when purchasing fabrication equipment and  MSI was formed in 2010 to address that need. We have affiliated ourselves with different manufacturers in the past, but are now proud to represent MVD Makina. MVD produces a wide range of fabrication machinery and prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, making them a perfect partner for our company. We also carry Sahinler and Bomar products for their quality and dependability.