The Next 2.0 control of the A-series  is capable of operating up to 5 axis.  This versatile press brake is  ideal for both high production runs and single bends.  It comes standard  with manual crowning and Y1, Y2 and  X axis.  As all of our brakes, the  A-s is built to maintain it’s accuracy and repeatability over many years of bending.

iBend A-series (pdf)




The iBend B-series  was designed for both small and large production runs and quick set  ups.  It’s a fully automated press brake with Wila manual crowning, Y1,  Y2, and Unimec X axis.  Add the option of sheet followers and once the  operator enters the program the machine takes care of the set up.  The  B-series can easily be modified to work in tandem for high volume  environments.  In such a situation both brakes could be working  independently or in unison as one long bending surface.  

iBend B-series (pdf)




The C-series  is our flagship press.  The extra large 300mm stroke and 500mm throat  depth make this a versatile high speed, high performance machine.   Unlimited axis and tandem and trio combinations give virtually  limitless bending possibilities.

iBend C-series (pdf)